Michael Horsphol

“As a mother sings to her child, the music of Stella Matutina (Star of the Morning) is like a child's heart singing to the Divine Mother. Sung in Latin, it is sacred music giving life to what feels like an epic tale of love and devotion. Michael Horsphol composes, plays, mixes and produces his own CD's and his abundance of talent is wonderfully displayed within this mix.”

Mich Hancock - Spirit Seeker

“Lu'Ella Unveiled: A New Earth Rising is THE next soundtrack for a Major Motion Picture. This is fresh, exciting. It IS . . . Earth meets Cinema.”

Susan Marie - Target Audienc Magazine EIC

“Soundtracks for major motion pictures seem to be Michael Horsphol’s calling card, just from what I hear on this record.”

Jimmy Rae - Skope Magazine.com